In ancient greek, the word AROS refers to the natural place where sea salt was collected. The idea behind the creation of AROS Luxurious Villas in Karpathos was based on the need to offer modern accommodation and high-quality services for guests wishing to spend peaceful yet luxurious holidays in Karpathos, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

is natural beauty!

 Inspired by this wealth and beauty of the sea, the concept of AROS blends tradition with modernity as well as peacefulness with functionality. With this in mind, our team envisioned an array of four luxurious villas constructed with the use of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly materials creating a space of absolute comfort that promises an unforgettable stay. The stone built villas combine minimal design and traditional architectural elements while offering magnificent views of the Aegean sea contrasted by images of mountainous wilderness.

is simple luxury!

Each luxury villa offers comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces that allow full privacy to up to 5 guests During their stay, AROS guests can enjoy a wide variety of modern amenities and services provided by our staff and management on a 24/7 basis.

is inner peace!

The location of the villas is surrounded by serene natural settings and has direct access to the sea. The stunning scenery painted in harmonious, Mediterranean hues offers innumerable opportunities for relaxation and a pleasant atmosphere so our guests can enjoy a unique holiday experience.

is the Salt of Life!

AROS Luxury Villas is everything you are looking for to make your vacation memorable.