Welcome to Karpathos -The unspoilt Island with its 100 excellent unspoilt beaches !

Karpathos Island Overview 

Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese island complex which is situated in the South Aegean. Its wild, unspoilt beauty is made of winds and contrasting images of mountainous areas surrounded by the deep blue sea, making it the ideal destination for peaceful and luxurious holidays.

Karpathos’ landscapes have no equal — the island keeps its Mediterranean secrets well-hidden in ancient ruins, caves, old churches and even its customs and traditions. It generously offers stunning images of picturesque traditional villages pinned in rocky mountains and speared by wild winds that overlook the sparkling Aegean sea. The central and northern parts of the island have been declared NATURA 2000 areas because of their natural wealth and importance for the protection of rare species, including the Mediterranean seal.

In Karpathos island you will discover a place that encloses Greece in its wholeness — it keeps its essence intact with lively impressive customs, genuine people, music, traditional festivals and unique gastronomic experiences. Karpathos invites you in its peacefulness, serenity and beauty. If you indulge, you will never forget it.island 

karpathos - unspolt island
arcassa view on unspoilt beach

The Cultural and Historical Sights

In Karpathos island, cultural products in different forms and from different time periods are lined up in public view and great sights offer unique opportunities for exploration. Visitors have the chance to take trips to early Christian royal churches, the ancient Vroukounta and Arkesia, the Castle and the ancient Citadel in Aperi, the ancient chambered tombs in the city of Karpathos and in Arkassa, and also to the numerous scattered springs and windmills in
the most famous of the villages Olympus! In Karpathos, there are innumerable options for enjoyable time travel.

Unspoilt Beaches of Karpathos island

Emerald waters and unspoilt beaches for all tastes await the guests of Karpathos. Most coasts on the eastern side of the island have pebbles while the ones on the western side are mostly sandy. Karpathos has both organized and more secluded unspoilt beaches, the most famous of which are:

Ahatta: A sandy beach with thin pebbles. The deep blue waters and the imposing rocks that surround it complement the enchanting scenery. The beach is organized and visitors can enjoy their meal at the local traditional tavern.

Agios Nikolaos (Arkassa): The area is the so-called “Hawaii” of the island. Its beach has golden sand, crystal blue-green waters and is ideal for bodysurfing. It is organised with umbrellas and showers. The area also offers stunning views of the neighboring island of Kasos and has numerous restaurants.

Apella: An award-winning and one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches of the island with deep turquoise waters, golden sand and rich vegetation. It is organised with umbrellas and visitors can enjoy traditional flavors at the local tavern.

Kyra Panagia: A golden-sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise waters surrounded by pine trees. It is, probably, the most photographed beach on the island. It is organised with umbrellas and visitors can enjoy their lunch in one of the many restaurants of the area.

Lefkos: Small magnificent beaches in a row with sparkling emerald waters and sand. They are organized with umbrellas and in the surrounding area, there are numerous traditional taverns. Guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the island of Sokastro and take a tour around the ruins of an ancient city.

Diakoftis: A Caribbean-like beach with turquoise waters and golden sand that offers wonderful views complementing an overall dreamy scenery.
It is the most famous beach of the island.
Forokli: A secluded beach with clear blue waters, surrounded by high cliffs, that is accessible by sea or through hiking trails.

Saria Palaces: Visitors can take a day trip by boat to the island of Saria, in the northern part of the island. The boats for Saria depart from the port of Diafani. There, they will find a beautiful unspoilt beach with crystal clear blue-green waters and an incredible surrounding landscape.

karpathos beaches

It is worth visiting this island

Pigadia is the largest settlement, the capital town and central port of the island. Karpathos is a large island with many settlements worth discovering. Do not miss the chance to visit the famous mountain villages, which maintain the local traditions unchanged for generations! The well – known village of Olympus is maybe the most striking example, followed by the inland villages of Menetes, Aperi, Avlonas and Othos.

Holidays in Karpathos mean relaxation in wild windswept landscapes, long swims in crystal blue waters and joyful moments accompanied by local customs and traditions and exquisite flavors. From the local architecture and music to the traditional festivals and hospitable people, Karpathos reflects a rare image of Greece that is filled with unspoilt, nostalgic and innocent beauty.