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Take A Night Tour in Pigadia and Arkassa

When the sun goes down, the fun begins. Karpathos nightlife awaits for you in Pigadia, the capital town of the island, and in Arkassa where you can choose from an array of modern cafés, bars and night clubs. There, you can spend peaceful evenings enjoying delicious drinks while listening to the atmospheric sounds of lounge music or party nights and unforgettable dances until the break of dawn.

Try the traditional cuisine of Karpathos

For foodies and all guests who enjoy gastronomic treasures, visits in the local taverns and restaurants promise unique experiences. The cuisine of Karpathos has its roots in traditional recipes that have survived through hundreds of generations. The island is most famous for its handmade pasta “macarouni’, different kinds of fresh fish that you can only find in Karpathos, like skaros and menoula, the local goat cheese “manouli”, stuffed pumpkin flowers, spicy onion bread, goat stuffed with liver, rice and herbs — a traditional recipe called “ofto meat”— and its wide variety of desserts like the local baklava and other traditional sweets stuffed with nuts and soaked in syrup.

Don’t miss the Local Festivals

If you happen to be in this island during the summer, do not miss the great opportunity to participate in the island’s traditional festivals that are famous for their liveliness, music and delicious food. The most popular ones take place on the 15th of August and on the 8th of September, but you can also find other summer festivals in various settlements of Karpathos. On the 15th of August, the whole island celebrates and there are festivities in the villages of Aperi, Diafani, Menetes and Olympus, while on the 8th of September the special celebrations of Virgin Mary take place in the village of Mesochori.

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