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Windsurfing in Karpathos

Windsurfing in Karpathos

For those seeking a graceful yet unpredictable activity, windsurfing in Karpathos is the answer. This versatile water sport can be enjoyed inshore but also in the open waters offering an amazing escape for those who want to jump on board and see where the wind takes them.

In Karpathos, guests can find ideal windsurfing conditions in Afiartis area. There, the shallow waters of Makris Gialos beach are perfect for beginners while the more experienced can surf through a channel further into Argilaopotamos bay where winds rate up to 7 Beaufort during mid-summer. Numerous windsurfers also prefer the extreme conditions of the Devil’s Bay which also offers opportunities for relaxation at the end of the day. Winserfing is the first of the most popular activities in Karpathos. The conditions for the sport are always ideal. After all, the World Windsurfing Championship (ISWC) has been held there twice with the participation of the most famous athletes in the field.

Apart from windsurfing, sports such as kite and surfing are equally popular, especially in Αrgilaopotamos bay-.

Climbing - Hiking

If you enjoy climbing and hiking, grab your comfortable walking shoes, plenty of bottled water, a fully charged phone and your sun cream and choose one of the plenty footpaths throughout Karpathos. Hiking is a very popular and not at all simple activity, since the island offers great walking condition on most days along with idyllic places for exploration, ranging from soaring mountains surrounded by secluded beaches with sparkling blue waters — like Tristomo and Kali Limni — to unspoilt valleys and traditional picturesque villages — such as Aperi, Volada, Othos and Pyles. Climbing and hiking in recent years have become one of the most popular activities in Karpathos. You can be informed about the routes – trails on the island by the group of friends of mountain and sea of ​​Karpathos.
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Scuba Diving in Karpathos

For those of you seeking the feeling of descending into the mystical waters where the only sound you hear is your own breathing, scuba diving in Karpathos will enchant you. The rich marine life offers great opportunities for underwater exploration where hidden gems such as old shipwrecks, caverns and rare species of sea creatures await to be discovered. Whether you are an experienced or a rookie diver, Karpathos offers numerous scuba diving sites for all levels. The most popular in Karpathos of these are the Labirynth, the Achata Arch, the Camel Reef, Vronti Caves and the wreck of MS Dias.

Biking in Karpathos

If you are into biking, Karpathos offers plenty of routes for enjoyable and unique bike excursions. The mountainous landscape of the island, especially in the northern sector, combines  contrasting images of scattered pine tree forests with beautiful views of the turquoise waters of the South Aegean sea making it a perfect place for mountain biking. You will find numerous places where you can rent a bike and experienced guides that will take you on unique tours to discover the treasures of the island.
For more information regarding biking in this island you can contact the association ΄Karpathos biking friends΄.

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Boat tours in Karpathos

Boat Tours

If you are looking forward to setting sail on a boat tour into the emerald waters of Aegean sea, Karpathos has a lot to offer. You can find plenty of daily boat cruises departing from Pigadia port in the morning and returning in the afternoon. The most popular boat tours include visits to the most famous beaches of the island — Apella, Panagia, Kyra, Achata — the nearby islets and the picturesque village of Olympus in the north part of the island. Don’t miss the unique experience of enjoying the stunning scenery of Karpathos from a deck. In the late afternoon there is a boat with a glass bottom. Great for kids to see the ocean floor and small fish.